"Wildfire Scooter"

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"Wildfire Scooter"
Anybody know anything bout the Wildfire Scooter? Is it a good scooter? If not what is something around the smae price that is actually a decent bike?

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For the same scooters you can also look at: Baron, Power Sports Factory (Strada), and Tank. They are all chinese clones.

Wet Bandit of Syd
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I'd also recommend checking out a Bandit as well.

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>Anybody know anything bout the Wildfire Scooter? Is it a
>good scooter?

I considered them for a while. (Use the search tool on the red menu bar above and search for "Wildfire"- you'll find several posts.) I ended up getting a Baron for about $200 more (counting shipping.)

The only objective indicator of quality you can find on the importer web sites is how long and how well they're willing to back it with a Warranty. Wildfire's is 90 days, parts only. (I've seen others as low as 30 days.) Baron's is 1 year.

If you dig a little deeper like I did, by contacting people who left feedback for them on E-Bay, you'll find a lot of complaints that the Wildfire people don't return phone calls or e-mails and won't send parts without you sending the broken ones to them first.

The Baron people have a discussion forum on their web site, containing good and bad feedback, and it appeared to me that while they might screw up, they at least TRY to do the right thing.

My one experience with parts from them was a headlight bulb, which they sent, for free, with no shipping or handling costs, without me having to return anything.


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I've been checking out this website for the past few weeks because of an interest I have in purchasing a scooter soon, and realized that there were a lot of questions regarding the "chinese clones". One of the chinese clones is the vento, or phantom, or strada, or whatever style. This particular scooter clone goes by many, many names, and many, many different prices, all with slight differences in components to explain the variance in price. Anyway, if you just compare the body style and engine size, you'll see what I mean, its easy to spot them- most of the specs are nearly identicle. I've found the best place for info regarding these scoots is the yahoo vento group. Just go to yahoo, click on groups and search for vento. You can access the message board w/o membership. Also, http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews-all-60147.html had a few reviews of these machines. Good luck!

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FORGET IT!!!! I ended up buying a Honda Metropolitan. I love it. It will get me were I need to go every day for the most part!

Well, you can't go wrong there.
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Congrats on your new scooter Caleb! I think you settled for a great little scooter!


Wildfire Customer
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Why buy a Wildfire W150-T touring scooter? Let’s start with engine oil: Owner’s manual with scooter says 4 ounces, manual downloaded from Wildfiremotors.com says a quart and tech @ Wildfire says 12 ounces. Sound confusing? It is. Doesn’t everyone want a scooter that calibrates the speed in mph, but the odometer in Kilometers without telling you, then provides an owners’ manual with service intervals in miles? Isn’t it great to call 10 times before getting something other than a busy signal, but you can’t get a return call when you’ve had your scooter 3 days and it won’t run? It’s also great to be able to e-mail the company president, Jon Snyder, to tell him they forgot 2 of the 4 bolts that hold on the seat assembly on the scooter when they assembled it and still not have any idea if they will at least send you the bolts 11 days later. Here’s one of my personal favorites. You tell John you were disappointed that you could not test drive the scooter because Wildfire staff led you to believe that they had helmets in the Snyder Tire store, but they don’t. Jon gives me a tutorial about how easy it is to buy helmets at Sears, K-Mart or Walmart. Trouble is none of those stores sell motorcycle helmets. Now wouldn’t you think that the President of a multimillion dollar scooter company would know the right answer, especially if he was answering a question you didn’t ask. And now the all time best reason I know not to purchase anything from Wildfire. Some motor vehicle dealers would be alarmed if they were informed that the scooter they sold couldn’t be titled because of a defective VIN. Not Jon. His first response to my e-mail was to call me tell me 4 times that if I cancelled my credit card charge he would be sending the sheriff after me to repossess property stolen from him. Thing is I had not threatened to stop my credit card payment. I even forwarded an e-mail to Jon from an analyst at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration who informed me that the manufacturer identified by my VIN, Zhejiang Leike Machinery Industry Co., has been assigned the WMI of “LD6” by the SAE. http://www.leikemt.com, is not registered with DOT as an exporter to the United states and VINs starting with “LD6” should not even be titled by any state Division of Motor Vehicles. Meanwhile 9 business days later, it still can’t be titled in Delaware. Jon is content to tell me that government just moves awful slow, but we can outwait them. My 90 day warranty on parts only doesn’t look like it will be too useful. If you like arrogance and incompetence talk with Jon. If you just want incompetence talk to the rest of the staff.

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Here’s an interesting tidbit about Wildfire Motors. Daddy, Don Snyder, (owns domain name, which redirects to )—see for yourself <http://www.whois.sc/firehawkmotors.com> -- is partnering with Jefferson County in an economic development agreement to build a large warehouse/manufacturing facility. <http://www.odod.state.oh.us/ez/base/AgreementDisplay.asp?AgrmtNo=089-05-01>
Wow 4 employees. It makes you wonder how 4 people can handle all those generators and scooters, etc, assist purchasers with assembly problems, get out all those warranty parts and the other parts when the 90 days is up. Plus they wholesale to their other dealers around the country. It seems so much bigger on the website. Maybe that’s because the president Jon Snyder -- <http://www.whois.sc/wildfiremotors.com> -- says they have $4,000,000.00 in inventory. <http://wildfiremotors.com/> . It looks like Don only thought they had $600,000.00 when he made the agreement with Jefferson County. Now I wonder who’s telling the truth. Don uses the 401 Cadiz Rd address as Wildfire Motors, so you would think he’d notice a 3.4 million dollar difference wouldn’t you?

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Is there any particular reason why you use two different "unregistered" user names within the same AOL dialup session?

What is the real problem you have with these folks? Are you just another unhonest and unlicensed cheap chinese dealer trying yourself as a mudslinger? If you really are a customer, why can't you register?


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My mistake. I have registered now. I suppose I was a little too anxious to warn other potential buyers. I am learning protocol using bulletin boards. Please excuse my haste. I believe you could have answered your question regarding legitimacy by checking the web addresses I included with my post.
I am a very frustrated customer of Wildfire Motors. I suspect my problems have been and will be experienced by other customers. I learned on Sept. 6 that Delaware would not title my scooter because of a defective VIN. On Sept. 7 my Insurer confirmed that there was a problem with my VIN. On September 9 I got this response regarding my VIN from an analyst with the National Highway Safety Administration (a Division of DOT):
The first three characters of a VIN are referred to as the World Manufacturer Identification (WMI). The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) assigns these characters to manufacturers of motor vehicles. It appears that a manufacturer located in China by the name of Zhejiang Leike Machinery Industry Co., has been assigned the WMI of “LD6” by the SAE. However, it appears that the manufacturer stated above has not submitted to the federal government any of the documents required to be recognized as a manufacturer of motor vehicles. Moreover, this manufacturer has not assigned an agent for service here in the United States. As a consequence, any motor vehicles manufactured by this manufacturer should not be allowed entry into the U.S.
<> See pages 26 & 27 to get details. My label does not give my VIN, Gross Vehicle Weight in total or for either axle, and only asserts EPA compliance, not all Federal Safety requirements.

These are advertised as "Street Legal" and "DOT approved" on Wildfire's website. No one at Wildfire Motors has identified a single action making progress to titling my scooter


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If it's any consolation? Im seeing 150 scoots on a REGULAR basis in Maryland with NO tags. Just yesterday, saw a Vespa style scoot in downtown Bethesda, MD. On the sidewalk, chained to a parking meeter. LARGE "150cc Powered" emblem on the side. TWO Montgomery County officers on bikes pedaled by it, looked at it, and kept on riding.

Im starting to wonder how far one could get with a simple "50cc" emblem attached to their 150cc scooter.

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I confess.. when I had a People 150, though I was fully registered and insured, I popped off the 150 tag. That way I was able to park on the sidewalk, Bike racks, etc. Everywhere the 50cc's could park. Most people don't know the difference.

2005 Stella

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Probably further than one would like to. Can one insure an unregistered, non-street-legal scooter? Now consider someone is involved in an accident, and his vehicle turns out to be a 150 or more cc scooter, deceptively labeled 50cc, unregistered, uninsured ... what's the probability that this guy (assuming he survives the crash) is going to pay for the rest of his life?

Cool move, especially during the first quarter of life.


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I didnt say I was advocating driving around "illegally" and not registering a 150cc scoot. But to answer the question: YOu can insure almost any vehicle before registering it. For the record, I am insured and registered, with metal tags on my RX200HP. In order to register, I had to show proof of insurance/give my insurance binder info. State Farm simply needed to know (over the phone) my VIN, model, type, cc#, and my credit card # to charge the cost. They didnt ask nor care about registration with the state.

With all that said/in mind? In Maryland, in addition to being 50cc or less, the scooter must not have the ability to exceed 30mph. If it doesnt meet this criteria, then it must be registered.

I considered not registering it...especially when the day I first went to the MVA for info, there was a guy in the parking lot with a scoot EXACTLY the same size/style of a Vento or Strada or Tank or SUNL 150cc. EXACT SAME SIZE. But guess what? It was a 50cc. He showed me the MSO and it said 49cc. Still not convinced, I glanced at the engine size. Couldnt really tell. Then he let me drive it in the parking lot. THEN I could defintely tell it was a 49cc engine.

But lastly, what motivated me? The fine in MD for driving an unregistered vehicle (one that is supposed to be registered) on MD state roads is $350 plus points on your license PLUS the additional penalties for not having insurance and a MC license...

Too much risk for me..

Bryce Ludwig
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YOu can insure almost any vehicle before registering it. For the record, I am insured and registered, with metal tags on my RX200HP. In order to register, I had to show proof of insurance/give my insurance binder info. State Farm simply needed to know (over the phone) my VIN, model, type, cc#, and my credit card # to charge the cost. They didnt ask nor care about registration with the state.

Seconded. Kansas is the same way, and the insurance companies don't care if it ever gets registered or not, so long as they are getting paid. In fact, if it's not registered and not driven, it's better for them anyway. The vehicle won't be going anywhere and is very unlikely to be damaged. So a claim is unlikely to be made and they are still pocketing the premium.

- Bryce Ludwig

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Once in a while Wildfire Motors e-mails me saying in a few days Delaware will title my scooter. Not true when I ask DMV a few days later. Wildfire also tells me that my problem is with Delaware, not Wildfire. 18 days ago Discover told me it would take 3-4 weeks for them to investigate my allegation that Wildfire misrepresented the merchandise they delivered as "DOT approved" when the scooter's manufacturer wasn't even registered with DOT.


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WEll, I think of course its safe to say these chinese clones wont last 25 years, but HOw reliable are they? Wildfire is crap. But are baron scooters legal? are they epa certified? are they street legal? How many miles do they get before they die out?

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Any update on registering your scooter? I rode next to a wildfire 150 just yesterday in Philly so Im sure you could get some one to register it here for you then transfer it. Just a thought, I hope it worked out for you ok.

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