"Choices, Choices"

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"Choices, Choices"
I am new to this forum, but if I could ask someone to weigh in on this. I am trying to decide between a Baron, a Strada and a Wildfire. Baron and Strada would be my first choices, but there is a dealer closeby that sells Wildfires. (Which have posted that they offer a 2 year warranty of some sort on their 2006 models.) I opted out of a Tank after a negative dealer experience and reading some of the writeups out there.

So I guess these are my questions... dropshipped Baron/Strada or a brick&mortar Wildfire?

If Baron/Strada... what dealer?


Thanks all

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Displacement/speed expectations? . . Cincinnati OH has numerous scooter resources, what else have you already rejected and why?

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I want a 150cc scooter.

As far as the other choices in Cincinnati, the most that I have found are the brand name dealers, and then this one who sells wildfire. If you have any other info abount Cincy dealers, please share.

I have 'rejected' the brand name scooters for financial reasons, and through searching around it looks like Baron and Strada are some of the better (or at least better supported) Chinese scoots.

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2. "RE: Choices, Choices"
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I had the same quandary and I decided onece I sell my Zuma to get a Baron Retro for Zingo in Utah. They are the closest dealer to me, and I can go pick it up and save some money.

As someone told me, between those two I think you get the scooter you like the best, and check with a few dealers to see who treats you the best.


Avaitar until I get a good scooter picture done.

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4. "RE: Choices, Choices"
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Have you looked at United Motors also? Decent warranty, they sell them at Ships Yamaha in fairfield and the Polaris dealer in Batavia. I had a Matrix 150 that I was pretty happy with-got rid of it to get a Burgman 400.

I also know that you weren't asking this, but I would seriously consider looking at used name brands. Also, check out the local club: <http://www.tenyearlates.com/ver2/>

Have fun and welcome,

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