"Tired of "Scooter won't Start""

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"Tired of "Scooter won't Start""
I have now read several posts in the last few months that say scooter won't start when it actually means that it won't "electric" start, but will kick start. Then its all about the battery tenders and what not. I have a solution. KICK START the thing! I don't use a battery tender so the first start of the day is to kick start cuz it is weak at the start of the day. It electric starts well after having been driven, so no need to kick start again, but even if I HAD to kick start it again BIG DEAL. How lazy do we have to get when not only are we not willing to walk where we are going, we will just be damned if we are going to kick start our scooter. Its easy and usually quicker than the electric anyway. No wonder vintage scooterists think some of us newer scooter owners are lame. Its amazing that scooters, or even cars survived that stage when you actually had to "manually" start them. I mean come on it is NOT that hard to kick start the scooter. I have read 3 posts today where the owner said he was going to sell his scooter that "ran" well but would not start. heheheh How did it run well if it didn't sta........... heheh You get the idea.

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1. "RE: Tired of "Scooter won't Start""
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If it has an electric start wouldn't you want to use it? I mean my truck is only 6-volt but I don't complain. I have had my scooter since August last year (2,100+ miles) and have only had to kick start it twice and those were both on sub zero nights, never charged it and most rides are only ~5-10 miles. Whats your issue?

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2. "RE: Tired of "Scooter won't Start""
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Don't know if you've ever tried to kick-start a large-displacement 4-stroke before, but there's a reason most of them don't even offer the option.

Point is, that if there's a kick start button offered, it should work under most any circumstance.

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3. "RE: Tired of "Scooter won't Start""
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Ray. U of U? I live about 2 miles from Campus. If you're new to the area, feel free to look me up.

Bryce Ludwig
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4. "RE: Tired of "Scooter won't Start""
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If you own an ET4 or anything else with a LEADER engine that actually has a kick start, it's best to treat it as a decorative item that should only be used in extreme emergencies. I used to use mine and it didn't take long before the mechanism stopped working well. I was lucky that the CVT cover never cracked like some ET4 owners had.

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7. "RE: Tired of "Scooter won't Start""
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Whoa, what was that about the LEADER kickstart? I'm looking at a used Piaggio LT150 as my next scoot, but I'm not buying anything that I can't kick into life. How did the kick start stop working? Any clues?
Kickstarting is important. It sets the tone of the relationship between me and my scooter. It says, "You are my bitch. If you do not run, I will kick you until you do." (Or until the carb floods, whatever.)
I've had scooters in the past where the electric starter was more amusing than effective. Plus, if I'm on the side of the road somewhere, I don't want to rely on the tiny bit of juice in a scooter battery to get the scooter going again.

Bryce Ludwig
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9. "RE: Tired of "Scooter won't Start""
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Well, if you're looking into an LT150 it wouldn't matter anyway. Those don't have kick starts. The Derbi Boulevard doesn't either. And I'm fairly sure the Aprilia Mojito 150 doesn't. Why Peugeot chose to have one, I don't know. The Looxor 150 doesn't use the Vespa lever though.

For whatever reason the kick start on the LEADER motor is largely vestigal. Unlike the great kick starter on a P, Stella or Bajaj, the one on a LEADER just wasn't intended to see use every time the scooter was started.

- Bryce Ludwig

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5. "RE: Tired of "Scooter won't Start""
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Here, here!

On top of that, some poor souls put alarms on them. The only thing that ensures is a dead battery and inability for anyone (owner or thief) to drive it away.

the funny thing is that people are uncoordinated so they just literally kick at the side of the engine in some ineffectual way before stomping off and crying about their scooter when they can't start it.

My favorite line in for sale ads is, "ran when parked".

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6. "RE: Tired of "Scooter won't Start""
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Small engines in general are born to be temperamental. Growing up I had my fair share of bitchy chain saws, lawn mowers, an ancient Alice Chalmers tractor and a bushhog that the drive shaft was composed of one giant weld....

I also had friends with little dirt bikes. Most of them were kickers, and some of them you had to get one person to hold the thing while someone else jumped on the kick start lever.

Fact of the matter is that you have to get used to the idiosyncracies of your machine.

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8. "RE: Tired of "Scooter won't Start""
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I have no problem kick starting my scooter at all (now that I can get it on the center stand on my own that is!). My complaint is that I paid for a scooter with an electric start, so I want it to work!

My main reason for wanting it fixed really is that I plan on selling it in the next year. I want everything working properly when I go to sell it, of course!

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10. "RE: Tired of "Scooter won't Start""
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>Fact of the matter is that you have to get used to the
>idiosyncracies of your machine.

Couldn't agree more. I still practice the ritual of putting a screwdriver on top of a malfunctioning computer first. Some computers still recognize a screwdriver and start behaving better in fear of being disassembled. Some just don't get it and have to learn it the hard way.

Same with scooters. The distance to your toolset is directly proportional to the probability of your scooter to quit.


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11. "RE: Tired of "Scooter won't Start""
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I definately agree with comment that you have to get used to the idiosyncrasies of your machine. If you're not happy with your battery, do what I did. Replace it with one that has more cold cranking amps. I doubled my cca by finding a Harley battery (I had to install it under the seat) but the bike starts everytime without a hiccup. It's been so reliable that I have since taken the center stand off the bike so it doesn't drag when I take corners at higher speeds. I found my 350cca Harley battery at the local "Batteries Plus" store. They were very helpful and fair in helping me with my starting problems.

Good Luck!

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