"Hitong 50cc Gas Scooter"

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unregistered user > > Sep-07-05, 12:51 PM (EDT)
"Hitong 50cc Gas Scooter"
Anybody got any info on a 50cc Hitong Gas Scooter aside from the fact that it is a Chinese product?

Patrick PCMdude
unregistered user > > Sep-07-05, 01:48 PM (EDT)
1. "RE: Hitong 50cc Gas Scooter"
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What you are looking at is one of the many dirt-cheap Chinese knock-offs of a retro looking scooter first made by Honda (Giorno) then Yamaha (Vino).

These knockoffs are as everwhere. A buyer however has no dealer, warranty, parts or service network. The bikes are often shoddily (ie, dangerously) built and they're often non-compliant with DOT & EPA requirements, and you're left without a parts or service network. It's a disposable bike of dubious quality. No one with any self-respect should go near it.

You'd be FAR better off to continue doing your homework, educating yourself and then researching a used bike (Honda or Yamaha) or one of the brands that has demonstrated real committment to their customers (TN'G).

As a beginning scooterist, you have enough to assimilate (ie, your own safety) without dealing with a dangerous and unreliable mess of a cycle.

unregistered user > > Sep-07-05, 04:25 PM (EDT)
2. "RE: Hitong 50cc Gas Scooter"
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This one isn't a retro-looking scooter.
I was at work when I was trying to get info on this thing and all the photos were being blocked by the Firewall...so I had no idea what this thing was.

Thanks for the good info though.

Here is the link to the auction I was looking at:

Patrick PCMdude
unregistered user > > Sep-07-05, 05:26 PM (EDT)
3. "RE: Hitong 50cc Gas Scooter"
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That IS a beast of another color... but then you probably wouldn't plan on going to far on it, right?

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4. "RE: Hitong 50cc Gas Scooter"
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I strongly advise against these type products. In California they are a guarantee of a ticket and impound.

unregistered user > > Sep-08-05, 06:30 AM (EDT)
5. "RE: Hitong 50cc Gas Scooter"
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Why don't we just formulate a stock answer to this question. I suggest "No, no, no, oh God in heaven no, are you insane, no." Subtle but effective, I think.


unregistered user > > Sep-08-05, 10:04 AM (EDT)
6. "RE: Hitong 50cc Gas Scooter"
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buy it as a toy, use it as a toy, don't depend on it for transportation.

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