"Yamaha Zuma vs. Honda Ruckus vs. Who knows - Help!"

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"Yamaha Zuma vs. Honda Ruckus vs. Who knows - Help!"

Like so many newbies out there, I thought I'd post my situation to see what Scooter-fans out there recommend. Ok. Deep breath....here I go:

I live downtown in Denver. Lately I've been seeing a butt-load of scooters zooming in my area. A few months ago, I read an article (I thought it was Esquire, but I could be wrong) and they had a pic and an article about the Honda Ruckus. I thought they looked cool but didn't think much about it. I've been intrigued by them but haven't thought about buying one until now. Why? A very good friend bought a Pilaggio (sp?) with his fiance (she got a Honda metro). I've zoomed around on them and realize how economical they are, in terms of gas mileage, and how fun they are.

With my Pilaggio friend, we went down to a local Honda dealership and I sat on a 2005 Ruckus and liked it. I was also educated on a 4-stroke versus a 2 stroke and the plus and minuses. From what I was told, the 4 stroke is more eco-friendly but is laggy compared to a 2 stroke. Also, with a 4 stroke I won't need to mess around with mixing the oil with the gasoline. I pull up to a pump and fill 'er up! Not to sound like a "dainty-boy" but not having to mess with the oil-mixture sounds appealing. So I read this board and discovered a lot of users recommending a Yamaha Zuma. So, you guessed it, I went to a local Yamaha shop and saw (didn't ride one) a Zuma. I like the colors and the fact that it has a storage area and is 2 seater. I live by myself so the 2 seater may not be a factor but I'm not sure.

Now, what threw another wrench into my decision is that another good friend of mine heard me discussing scooters and he told me that he's willing to shop with me and buy one as well -- figuring if we buy 2 of them, we could get a bigger discount???!!!! However, he wants a 4 stroke (doesn't want to mess with the oil-gas mixture thing) and a 2 seater. He liked the Ruckus but I don't think they come in a 2 seater...

So, if I haven't bored you to death, any thoughts on my questions and dilemma???? If the Zuma or Ruckus are priced at $1899 (msrp), how much off do you think we could haggle if we got 2? Should I stick with a Zuma???? Augh!!!

Thanks for your advice. I look forward to reading them!!!

Marbles Mahoney
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1. "RE: Yamaha Zuma vs. Honda Ruckus vs. Who knows - Help!"
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Both are underpowered for riding 2 up, The Honda Metro is underpowered for just 1 person on it. Dangerously so. Get a Yamaha Vino 125 and you'll be a happy scooterist for $2499. Its ez to service, looks retro and has adequate power. Of course you really should just get a Stella. Thats my 2 cents!

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Scoot On...
Marbles Mahoney
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2. "RE: Yamaha Zuma vs. Honda Ruckus vs. Who knows - Help!"
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2 stroke bikes since the early 1970's have not had to manually premix gas and oil. it's an automatic system. You have been a victim of the Honda evil empire party propoganda. Consider this when assessing the credibility of the retailer. Seriously.

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3. "RE: Yamaha Zuma vs. Honda Ruckus vs. Who knows - Help!"
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The Zuma has many more options than the Ruckus for future mods to get more performance if you think you might be interested into getting into that kind of thing. Check out www.provoscooter.com. Also check out the yamaha_zuma group on yahoo. Go to www.battlescooter.com to see what can be done with the Ruckus engine.

You have been misled about the gas/oil thing, it's all automatic these days. It's only the vintage Vespas where you have to do that.

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4. "RE: Yamaha Zuma vs. Honda Ruckus vs. Who knows - Help!"
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Yeah, mixing oil on a modern 2-stroke involves filling a resevoir once a month (or two if you don't ride much). Costs about $8-15 for a liter of oil.

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5. "RE: Yamaha Zuma vs. Honda Ruckus vs. Who knows - Help!"
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I was in your same situation last week. I was set to buy either a Ruckus or a metro. I hadn't even been to the Yamaha place. First time I go in, they closed early. Second time, they (Honda guys) ignore me...completely. Now that is kind of tough considering I am 6' 5" 230. So went to check out the Yamaha's just because.

Great service at my Yamaham place in Pocatello, Idaho, USA. I chose, bought and paid for (CASH) a Zuma..Honda guys lost the sale.

As I looked at it, the Zuma had a few more features then the Ruckus, but was bigger then the Metro. I tool the kids around, but when going to work, I scoot back on the seat, so I don't look too ridiculus.

I didn't drive the Ruckus, but I have been way happy with the Zuma. More manly colors in the Zuma, and more variety as well.

Good Luck.
ps yea no mixing. It is like adding oil to your car, but easier.

Rod Built
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6. "RE: Yamaha Zuma vs. Honda Ruckus vs. Who knows - Help!"
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If you go with the Zuma, be advised that Yamaha has apparently discontinued the scoot for 2006, and the 2005 models are the end of the line. Check it out on Yamaha USA's web page.


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