"Diesel Powered Scooter"

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"Diesel Powered Scooter"
Yes, you read it correctly. Two weeks ago I converted my 2002 Derbi Atlantis in a diesel powered monster!

Ok, it wasn't converted, and it wasn't a monster, but IT WAS diesel powered.

I never claimed to be the MOST intelligent person alive, but even I had to laugh at this one:

I run low on gas, pull into the station, there are 4 nozzles there. I look for the one with the '91' octane sticker next to it (Denver 91 is premium) ....it resides between 2 nozzles, so I grab the one on the end. K, end nozzle, 91 sticker next to it.....as Im filling up I notice the gas is 'really bubbly'...no worries. Then I notice $1.55 a gallon (hey, Im getting a GOOD deal on premium!)....(course I never noticed the GREEN NOZZLE, DOH!!!)

So I pay the man, hop on and away I go.....about a mile down the road, I notice I'm starting to lose some RPM's....(hmmm, that's odd)...then I notice behind me, bwhaahahahahaa, people on the sidewalk and on bicycles consuming the most HEINOUS diesel-fume cocktail that's EVER been served up!! It was impressive. Feel free to smoke Camels and Pall Malls, because if these people didn't die....

Then, as my scooter was deccelerating, I realized the cocktail was being poured from MY exhaust....then it all came together. I grabbed the wrong nozzle, DOH!

So I spent the rest of the afternoon, chasing down a siphon, gas tank, ect. Sucked that stuff out of there, got it started with some starting fluid. But my bowl and crankcase was still full of diesel....
The smoke that thing put out was impressive!!

The funniest part of the story, after my 'discovery' of my 'fuel additive' I called Sportique, talked to Jack...it went something like this:

Geoff: "Jack, 'hypothetically' what damage could someone do if they...say....put diesel in thier scooter....'hypothetically'?"

Jack: ".... 'Hypothetically'???? "

Geoff: "...ummm, yeah, 'hypothetically'...."

Jack: "It would be bad."

So, fellow scooterists....if you're looking for more horsepower, alternate fuel (ie: Nitrous, Alcohol, ect)...
Don't consider Diesel, it's been done, not very effective unless you want a really cool smoke screen....wait, what if I hooked up a small bladder to a switch, that would inject a small amount of diesel into the carb, like in 'Spy Hunter'....hmmmm

Anyway....thought the story of my stupidity might amuse people.....

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lmao.. great story

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funny story. Diesel fuel has a little oil in it for lubrication. Maybe if you put the diesel in without mixing in 2-stroke it would have worked better:) I always thought that diesel was really low octane but you said it had "91" on it. In the long run I think the diesel doesnt burn so clean and you'd have to remove carbon from the cylinder/piston all the time.

You need a bigger "Unleaded Fuel Only" sticker.

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3. "RE: Diesel Powered Scooter"
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Oh, Im sure it's not 91 octane....here's the picture I saw...four fuel nozzles at the pump....an 87, 89 and 91 stickers in 'between' the 4 nozzles....
The premium '91' octane nozzle was to the left of the 91 sitcker, the diesel was to the right.....I grabbed the nozzle to the right of the sticker instead of the to the left of it...DOH!

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