"'resale' value of T'n'G scoots"

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"'resale' value of T'n'G scoots"
I've been reading Maria's posts and a question has popped into my mind.
Is there such a thing as resale value on a T'n'G type scoot?
O.K. if it has very low miles (less than 600) maybe we are talking a scooter that's just broken in, still kinda 'new' and maybe a transferable manufacturer's warranty.
But, after a couple thousand miles on a 49cc piston, what is the depreciation?
I would think, a helluva lot.
Case in point, I bought an '01 Vino, new.
I paid $1699, plus 'everything' out the door with a license plate $2,050.
I added a stage 1 kit, $200.
Whitewall tires, $100.
Japanese turn signals and brake light, $100.
flame job, $60
custom mudflap, $20.
kevlar belt, $50.
custom windscreen, $60
polished transmission cover, (I dunno, but if I paid someone to do it ~$50)
yada yada yada, let's say $2,600.
Let's say I didn't do any mods at all.
If I wanted to sell that scooter today with 1700 miles on it what would someone be willing to pay?
Somewhere around $1,000?
At best, lost half my money, at worst, I better stop.
Don't get me wrong, I love my Vino, but doing the math it's more like a pet than a vehicle.
Like a cat, it's something for 'keeps'.
It has no 'vintage' appeal to make it desirable, and you can get a 'brand new one' so resale doesn't really come into it, does it?
I think this is a new phenomena, brought about by the new age (last 5 years) scooter market, what do you guys think?

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1. "RE: 'resale' value of T'n'G scoots"
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I think you are right about this being an acute phenomenon of the recent scooter "boom" in the last couple years. But consider that your vino is probably worth a little more than 1000.00, but not alot more. One thing that should be considerred any added value and that is performance modifications. Sometimes it adds value but rarely. It usually shrinks your market and most of that market wants to do the modification themselves. Stock is always a better bet for resale. And cosmetics will rarely return their investment. Many people think that if they give a 1500.00 scooter a 1000.00 paint job that it's now a 2500.00 scooter. they usually find out the hard way that it's not true. And considering taxes in the investment is also hard to do. OTD tax costs will have to be paid again by any buyer when they go to register/transfer title so adding that to the tab can skew the degree of loss or profit.

But you can take some solice in that it will hold this value, around 1K, for a while. maybe drop a bit below but even 80's hondas (not the collector kind) can still grab between 500 and 1000 (or sometimes more) in the right situations. But slowly as there are piles and piles of scooters collecting dust after people have lost their use of them they will drop in price like they have in the rest of the world. And be glad you bought a vino rather than something like the zuma that's price for used ones just keeps dropping. There's no love for the wedge!

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2. "RE: 'resale' value of T'n'G scoots"
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I am finding that a used TNG is worth a LOT more than I would have expected as there is a line of people wanting to buy a used bike.

Mike Frankovich
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3. "RE: 'resale' value of T'n'G scoots"
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I get alot of folks in my shop looking for used scoots. Hardly anything gets traded in since most folks selling a clean used scooter have no trouble selling them. This is due to the high gas prices and the lack of parking in some sections of LA.

Last year I sold clean used Vino for $1200. It sold very quickly and I had alot of folks interested in that scooter. That was my original reason for taking on the TNG line.

Mike Frankovich
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