"spraying metal flake??? tip size? pressure? tips?"

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"spraying metal flake??? tip size? pressure? tips?"
I am going to spray a bike (or try to) with metal flake and andother tank with pearl clear... anyone have tips? suggestions? what size/pressure? help?


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1. "RE: spraying metal flake??? tip size? pressure? tips?"
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Metal flake can be a little tough- it takes a little practice, but basically requires more light coats at a slightly farther distance away to keep the flakes from "running". most metal flakes will run through a standard gun, unless you get really big flakes, then you need larger tips to allow the flakes to pass.
Pressure, and gun settings are different for each type paint- hence the recc. practice below.

Treat pearl the same way- but pearls can be sensitive to build up- i.e. too much pearl in one area, and not enough in another can make for a poor looking job. I'm speaking of the pearls you add to the clear coat, not the 3 stage stuff like you see on Cadillacs & Audi's

Vespas are especailly hard to pearl, with all the curves and what not.

Don't want to make it seem impossible... it certainly isn't, but if it's your first paint job, get extra paint, and practice on a few things first. An old frame is perfect. I still find it hard to spray around the brake pedal area without runs, missing spots, or "powdering" (drying before it hits the body. (you'll see what I mean when you paint.

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2. "RE: spraying metal flake??? tip size? pressure? tips?"
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thanks... i have painted a few scoots before, but the spiffy extras are new. also have a flattening agent to add to the base coat? any idea if a pearl will look OK through a flattened clear? just ideas... too many ideas!!!

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3. "RE: spraying metal flake??? tip size? pressure? tips?"
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For one thing... a good Pearl is a three coat process. And the most important coat is the base of solid color. Get that right and the Pearl second coat is a breeze. For instance a White Pearl is base of white, then the white Pearl coat and then the clear coat. If the base is not even and uniform the Pearl will not hide it. Its translucent. You can see throught it. Most often the mistakes I seen on pear (and I have even made them myself) is relying on the Pearl to take the shadows away. If they are there... after the base coat.... they will still be there after the Pearl coat and clear. You gotta get that Base coat right.

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