"What happens if you put oil in your cars gas tank?."

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"What happens if you put oil in your cars gas tank?."
Ok another stupid question,

I need to drain my scoots gas tanks for winterizing. Yes, I know about using the gas additive "Stabil". I want to drain the tank so that I can bring the scoot into the house to work on this winter.

Can I pour the gas with 2stroke oil into my cars gas tank or will it screw something up?

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1. "RE: What happens if you put oil in your cars gas tank?."
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it will give you some top end lubrication, possibly create an undetectable amount of deposit on you plugs and smoke a bit more than normal but also more than likely undetectable...

it's fine, i've done it before and i see racers do it with race gas premix before they haul home....

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2. "RE: What happens if you put oil in your cars gas tank?."
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On a carbureted engine, I did it quite a bit. For much the same reason as you but also when I'd get really low on gas and would top up with some of the mix I had in the back for my saw and blower. I don't remember if I've done it since I got an injected truck. I would, however, not put a hell of a lot in one tank, I'd try to spread it out a little when the tank is low and then fill up to help dilute it even more.

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3. "RE: What happens if you put oil in your cars gas tank?."
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Adding it to an already full tank? probably not much.
It's not uncommon for farmers or folks in other not so enviromentaly conscious places to add oil to thier gas in cars/tractors/trucks etc.
My roomate is british and does it from time to time.

If it is a new car, I wouldn't.
you have all sorts of sensors and a catalytic converter.
If it's an older vehicle, go for it.

I worked in the garage at a gas station years ago, and I had a '71 dodge pickup that had auxilary saddle tanks, so I could hold 100 gallons.
Some guy came in a full sized diesel dually monster truck of some sort and topped off w/ preimum gas...
Needless to say it didn't work, and he paid us like $200 to pull his gastank and drain and dispose of the 80 or so gallons of gas/diesel mix (about 80/20 percent gas/diesel I'd guess) in there.
Well were do you dispose of 80 gallons of gas?

You put it in your '71 dodge pickup, turn the idle screw up a notch so it doesn't stall. Engine was quiet but ran like shit, smoked a bit, and I didn't have to buy gas for months..

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4. "RE: What happens if you put oil in your cars gas tank?."
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I'm gonna say don't do it. After a year and a half of ASE training (or ASS, if you've had to answer as many Technician A/B/C ?'s as I have) I have to say that your modern 4 stroke car engine will tolerate a lot less than your scoot. Intake and exhaust valve deposits, piston deposits, catallytic converter overheating, 1 or 2 O2 sensors at $150 a pop on the cheap end, etc. And if you've ever seen a car thats run without a catyllitic converter you'll notice the soot build up above the exhaust pipe, a pain to rub out of paint. Yeah, this might be an extreme description, but ...
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another tip-dont fill your tank if you see a fuel tanker at the station, the sediment that gets stirred up from the in ground tank during filling can float around for quite a while!

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