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"Honda PC50A"
I just picked up two 1973 Honda PC50A mopeds in really good condition. (one has 400 miles and the other has 750 miles) Anyways... I cleaned the gas tank, sprayed some carb cleaner in the carb and replaced the spark plug and they started right up. Should I have them look at by a professional before I started riding on a regular basis? Are these good bikes?


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1. "RE: Honda PC50A"
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This is the image I meant to post the first time.

where you at?
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2. "RE: Honda PC50A"
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id be interested in buying one of them.

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3. "RE: Honda PC50A"
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I wasn't thinking of selling one of them but who know's, maybe i will.

How much are you willing to pay.

I am located in Texas.

Like I said before, they are running great but i don't know if I should still have someone look at them before I ride them daily.

Are they good bikes?


ride the hell out of them.
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4. "RE: Honda PC50A"
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change the oil, if they run, they run...they are hondas, you cant really fuck them up unless you try...ride the piss out of em....also, im in oregon, so im not interested in shipping...thanks though.

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5. "RE: Honda PC50A"
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Right on. Thanks man!

What do you think the bike is worth. 1973, all original, 400 miles, extremly good condition.

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6. "RE: Honda PC50A"
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350-600$. but I think you have the 20 mph ped.So it may be worth less.

You can mod the ramp plates in the transmission to make it go faster.

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Cool Thanks,

I'm not much of a mechanic, how hard is it to make that modification?

The top speed of this bike is actually 30mph. but fastet is always better....

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8. "RE: Honda PC50A"
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The PC50A is a 4 stroke automatic with a chain drive. It does not have a variator with a ramp plate like a PA50, so that mod cannot be made to the PC50A.

You would have to change the front and rear chain sprockets to increase top end speed. Don't know if you can find these sprockets but try western hills honda or Beatrice Cycle (sprocket from a Honda C70? maybe)Your Honda Product code on a PC50A is "063"


Change the oil in the crankcase and see if you can find a manual. The engine has valves and a cluctch that sooner or later will need to be a adjusted.

Go to Yahoo Groups Honda-C70 and join (it's free) In the file section they have a Manual supplemnet for a c50 that may help you.

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9. "RE: Honda PC50A"
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your totally right on, just saw the color and that was it.

yea forget what i just said.

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