"How Do You Prevent Gas Tank From Rusting"

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"How Do You Prevent Gas Tank From Rusting"
Hey Guys,
I have a Piaggio(vespa)Ciao which has a metal gas tank in the frame, I noticed it started to rust badly After sitting around for many years.is there anything I can do? Spray?
If i where to open hte whole thing up and oped the gas tank open(very pianful prosses, too nany boolts) and polishing down the rust spots would that stop rusting?
would if I opened it up and standed down the rust and the gas tank became to thin could i weld on some more metal? In ther words would it still be strong?

Great Thanks In Your Reply!

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1. "RE: How Do You Prevent Gas Tank From Rusting"
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you cant open up the gas tank without cutting it. rust is caused by one thing. moisture. the only way to prevent rust is to keep the tank filled with a high octane gas. low octane gas is made primarily with alcohol, whic attracts water. filling the tank with gas, and adding a fuel stabilizer for storage, leaves no room in the tank for condensation to form. especially if you store the bike in a shed, or under a tarp which is the worst way to store anything.
if rusted badly, the tank can be cleaned up with a sand blaster or media blaster, cleaned out thoroughly, then kreem coated. not an easy job on a step thru model such as a ciao.


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2. "RE: How Do You Prevent Gas Tank From Rusting"
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Greetings, I restore about 4-5 rusty lined gas tanks per month for motorcycles. The best way to repair is treat the inside of the tank with a rust dissolver such as EXRUST by KANO LABS or RUSTOL is excellant. Then after the tank has been treated and dried you can coat the inside with a fuel tank coating liner called RED-KOTE by DAMOM CHEMICALS of OHIO. , allow to dry for several days and you should have a lifetime of a rust free fuel tank. good luck ,MIKE

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Thanks for your reply, Don and Mike.

I was looking around the internet and here and there and I dought I will find any of those chemicals here in Chicago. The Sand blaster is a reality but it seems to troublesome. I am using your tips on keeping the gas tank full but for the winter I am drainining it.

I got an idea to use a drain cleaner, called Hot Power drain cleaner by Comstar that I picked up at Home Depot, it supposedly cleans the metal to the shine. I do have to becareful not to pour in too much because there is a violent reaction and it begins to foam and i don't want it too eat up my paint on the outside.
Any Ideas? Would this work?

I will keep you guys updated.

Thanks agian in reply.

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