"2 cylce propane conversion"

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"2 cylce propane conversion"
hello all,
i'm new to the whole moped thing, and i dont know much about two stroke engine mechanics, but i'm cabable and can figure stuff out. i want my tomos sprint to run on propane. is this possible? i've heard of 2 stroke engines running on propane, but i havent been able to find any info. i figured somebody on this forum might either know how to do it or might be able to point me in the right direction. any info is greatly appreciated.


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1. "RE: 2 cylce propane conversion"
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It would be cool to see this work, but I don't think it is practical. Propane motors sucks down more fuel that gas motors do for the same amount of work. To top that off, it costs more than gas, and is more difficult to store.

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2. "RE: 2 cylce propane conversion"
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I think it is possible,propane is cheap,you just have to figure out where to store the little coleman bottle(thats what i would use) I would store it under the seat because its away from my hot exhaust. Then u would have to find a way to link the propane to the carb and still have the oil flowing to the motor(if its a two-stroke) Im sure it can be done,ive seen it done on other engines just not on two-strokes,they have boost bottles that u can buy for motorbikes so why not have propane

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3. "RE: 2 cylce propane conversion"
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You would need a much larger tank than a Coleman lantern bottle to get any kind of range from a propane driven motor. Propane motors burn more propane per mile than gasoline, so you would need to carry at least the same amount of propane, if not more, that the stock gas tank.

It would be cool, but not practical...

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4. "RE: 2 cylce propane conversion"
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yea but the propane could be used to add power to the moped when in need for example when going up a steep hill or for some to race.
Anyways, if there have been mopeds with custom turbos then someone can figure out a way to make use of a propane bottle.

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5. "RE: 2 cylce propane conversion"
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Add power??!! I doubt it. Propane produces far less power than gasoline does. I read about an Elite 80 that ran on propane but it only went like 35 mph, and used more propane per mile. Also, I think they had to design some kind of fuel injection, and a 2 stroke engine would just complicate things more. I believe it took several grad school students and a few thousand dollars to do the elite, but if you have the time and money, go for it! I'll post the link to the article later if I can find it.

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6. "RE: 2 cylce propane conversion"
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Here is info on propane conversion.
Two are for cars, which will help, and one is for a moped.

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