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Subject: "Ernest Freestone 1949-2006"    
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Mar-27-06, 01:17 PM (EDT)
"Ernest Freestone 1949-2006"
   It is with deepest regret that I post this message.
Long time microcar restorer, Microcar & Minicar Club - Minutia Editor, and personal friend Ernie Freestone passed away today 3/27 at age 56 after a bout with cancer. Those that knew him can attest to his love of microcars which were restored to AACA National Senior Award statis, the highest level of perfection. Ernie's restorations were featured in magazines, newspapers, on TV and graced the covers of several Brooklands Books. Funeral arrangements are pending at this time. Those who wish to send their condolences to the Freestone family can send them to:
1531 Treeneedle Road, Pt. Pleasant, N.J. 08742. USA

Sleep well dear friend..................................................




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