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Subject: "Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing Co"    
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unregistered user
Sep-29-05, 03:39 PM (EDT)
"Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing Co"
   My wife was looking to buy a scooter. She found one online that was manufactured by Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing. Can anyone tell me any information on this company? The only information I found on a Google search was for a Longboa company in Texas. Is the a good or bad scooter company?


Member since Sep-13-05
557 posts
Sep-29-05, 05:52 PM (EDT)
1. "RE: Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing Co"
In response to message #0
   Anything broken on your end with the ScooterBBS Search function?


unregistered user
Sep-29-05, 08:24 PM (EDT)
2. "RE: Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing Co"
In response to message #1
   Chuanl sells their EPA certificates for $10 to anyone wanting to import into the US, so I mark them BAD BAD BAD

Patrick in NH
unregistered user
Sep-30-05, 09:17 AM (EDT)
3. "RE: Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing Co"
In response to message #2
   My Avanti GT150 which is manufactured by Taizhou Chuanl is the same scoot as the Vento. How do I know? Well, in the Avanti Manual it says to take to a Vento dealer for service. I guess that's not a guarantee but it is as close to it as I can find. Also, I went to the Vento website which has all the parts diagrams on their site and they are the exact diagrams that appear in my Avanti Parts Catalogue that came with the bike. Not similar, exact. Avanti does have a website. The scooter I got looks exactly the same as the one on the Avanti site - Blue/Silver. I just ordered the 12V 18/18 watt headlights through Vento and they are due to arrive today. $4 bucks each plus shipping. Bought 4 for $25 delivered.

As for the bike, it arrived in good shape and I thought I was getting a Tank Racer Scooter. The engine has the number (can't recall what it is off the top of my head) that folks in here have said is OK.

It drives ok although the tires were underinflated when I got it. It goes 56 mph max on the flats with me (235lbs).

I am not sure I would be so quick to judge which are good and which are bad. I am pretty handy with a wrench and tourqued everything up to make sure. Found a couple of loose bolts but not on critical areas. Someone in here suggested, and I took them up on it, to use locktite on the threads.

As for the plastic, this winter I am going to take it off and reinforce it with fiberglass - at least the parts where there may be flex and where screws just go into pastic.

I have very few miles on it, the exhaust is that fancy one that curls around with a second small muffler. Not sure if it does any good or sounds any different than any other exhaust.

I think the scooters, although made by different factories with different labels, come from the same basic bucket of bolts. Just an opinion I have formed from listening to people in here.

Patrick in NH
unregistered user
Sep-30-05, 09:44 AM (EDT)
4. "RE: Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing Co"
In response to message #3
   The engine is the LB1P57QMJ

I think that is supposed to be an ok engine.

Corporal Mantis
Member since Sep-27-05
604 posts
Sep-30-05, 12:20 PM (EDT)
5. "RE: Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing Co"
In response to message #3
   Just out of curiousity why did you order the stock 18w bulbs were yours burned out, and how come 4 of them? They do sell 35w bulbs at miamimoto among other places.

Strada Scooter Blog

Patrick in NH
unregistered user
Sep-30-05, 01:55 PM (EDT)
6. "RE: Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing Co"
In response to message #5
   I ordered the stock 18/18 watt bulbs because the low beam on one was burned out when I got the bike. Since I had to order them, I figured I would order 4. MIamimoto now has the 18/18.
My understanding is that the system is not designed to handle the 35W and there were heat issues as well as brightness and chaging issues.

The stock 18/18 are plenty bright.

You have experience with the 35 watts?

Corporal Mantis
Member since Sep-27-05
604 posts
Sep-30-05, 04:39 PM (EDT)
7. "RE: Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing Co"
In response to message #6
   No I dont but I was thinking about upgrading. I would put HID's in but since most of my driving is in the city it might be too much.

Strada Scooter Blog

Member since Sep-28-05
308 posts
Oct-03-05, 09:56 PM (EDT)
11. "RE: Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing Co"
In response to message #1
   >Anything broken on your end with the ScooterBBS >href="http://www.scooterbbs.com/cgi-bin/swish/index.cgi?query=Taizhou+Chuanl&submit=Search%21&metaname=swishdefault&sort=swishrank";]Search

You know, you bitch a lot about people not "searching" on here, yet everytime I have searched when you bitched about it Nothing comes up. Why not stop complaining to people when they ask a question and try helping them. I know I always search before I post a question, and yet you complain that I should use the search. If you don't want to help then just step away from the thread and let the people that want to help post instead.

unregistered user
Oct-01-05, 10:36 AM (EDT)
8. "RE: Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing Co"
In response to message #0
   That was my next concern was availabity of parts for this scooter. All it really says is Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing Co on the tag by the handle bars and LB150T-5 on the side of the bike and Rocky on the side of the engine. Where can one find parts for this type of scooter?

Ron McKean
unregistered user
Oct-02-05, 12:19 PM (EDT)
9. "RE: Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing Co"
In response to message #8
   As another said, these bikes are all the same. The are sold under all kinds of labels but the best I can tell the quality is about the same from one factory to another. The parts are all interchangable. If I had the opportunity, I would by my 150cc Chinese bike from a dealer with a waranty, however if there are no dealers around I quess you take your chances with the internet. There are also plenty of people to tell you that your lable is a bad scooter, because they have some other lable on their scooter. Don't listen to them.

Bryce Ludwig
Member since Dec-21-03
4441 posts
Oct-02-05, 10:46 PM (EDT)
10. "RE: Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Manufacturing Co"
In response to message #9
   They really aren't all exactly the same. There are probably at least 100 companies assembling scooters in China. Additionally, there are multiple grades of componentry that an assembly company can buy. Then there are issues of quality control. When I was reviewing the Diamo Turista for Scooter World, I got to meet the guys who started it. They had been to something like 40 Chinese factories in 4 years time. They had seen factories that are modern and that are much like what we in the west think of as factories, and they also saw metal buildings with dirt floors where scooters were assembled entirely by one person with a socket set. No torque wrenches, or anything like that. So if you are going to get a Chinese scooter, it is worth it to go with ones that have good support after the sale. Purchasing locally has some advantages that are often worth the extra cost.

- Bryce Ludwig




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