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Subject: "Got my Yamati Strada 150 today" Archived thread - Read only
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Member since Dec-17-05
290 posts
Mar-11-06, 00:47 AM (EDT)
"Got my Yamati Strada 150 today"
   I recieved a Yamati Strada 150 today that I'm doing some work on, for a guy I respect a lot. Upon first inspection, it looks completely, exactly, like a Boss 150 that another of my customers has.

Does anybody know who the official importer for the Yamati Strada 150 touring is? Are there any significant differences between Boss and Yamati?

Though box was mangled and the truck driver said it weighed 800lbs, the bike came out unscathed. I appreciate the fact the battery isn't pre filled, it'l last longer. I like the fact it has dual rear shocks, we'll see how they handle my fat ass. oh...and it has BLING....don't know if it cost more, but everyone knows, chrome is more aerodynamic.

and Jesus Said..."What would John Elway do?"


Member since Dec-22-05
45 posts
Mar-12-06, 01:52 PM (EDT)
1. "RE: Got my Yamati Strada 150 today"
In response to message #0
   sounds like a Strade 150CE (Chrome Edition).

www.powersportsfactory.com is the distributor...I think.

Member since Jan-9-06
38 posts
Mar-12-06, 05:22 PM (EDT)
2. "RE: Got my Yamati Strada 150 today"
In response to message #1
   Most of the Chinese GY6 scooters share the same designs but there can be a huge difference in component quality. Rubber, that sort of thing.


Member since Feb-1-06
6 posts
Mar-12-06, 08:54 PM (EDT)
3. "RE: Got my Yamati Strada 150 today"
In response to message #0
   What are the first (3) digits of the VIN?
If it's LAW or 5P4 it's our bike.
Also where are you located and what is the name of your shop?
If you need parts or have any technical questions then just give us a call at 888-836-8662 Monday through Friday 10-5 PM EST.
I'll be happy to assist you.


Member since Nov-25-02
1734 posts
Mar-13-06, 02:24 PM (EDT)
4. "RE: Got my Yamati Strada 150 today"
In response to message #0
   I think those are offered by Moto Strada in Cockeysville Maryland, a long standing and reputable shop operated by a helluva nice guy named Mark Jurus who has spent almost ten years establishing his brand (www.motostrada.com). OH WAIT! - I'm wrong - just some opportunist importers who stole his name - what was I thinking?

Does it have the sweet, sweet four-stroke expansion chamber or does this model predate that cutting edge new technology?

No Chinese Junk

Member since Sep-14-05
55 posts
Mar-13-06, 03:29 PM (EDT)
5. "RE: Got my Yamati Strada 150 today"
In response to message #4
   LAST EDITED ON Mar-13-06 AT 04:08 PM (EDT)
maybe Alan would let you hangout at PSF for a few weeks Dec, then just maybe you would learn all about scooters lol.

Member since Nov-25-02
1734 posts
Mar-13-06, 03:50 PM (EDT)
6. "RE: Got my Yamati Strada 150 today"
In response to message #5
   I am quite sure I would learn something. Everyone has something to offer in terms of knowledge - best I can tell PSF would know many things I don't. I think it would be fascinating to visit.

No Chinese Junk

Member since Oct-23-05
131 posts
Mar-13-06, 06:59 PM (EDT)
7. "RE: Got my Yamati Strada 150 today"
In response to message #5
   2 great and insightfull posts Dec. You are on roll.

You make this forum a such great happy and learning experience.

You rock!

Go Dec!

Member since Nov-25-02
1734 posts
Mar-13-06, 10:27 PM (EDT)
10. "RE: Got my Yamati Strada 150 today"
In response to message #7

No Chinese Junk

Member since Dec-17-05
290 posts
Mar-13-06, 08:22 PM (EDT)
8. "RE: Got my Yamati Strada 150 today"
In response to message #0
   Now that I see http://www.powersportsfactory.com/, it raises the question, are PSFactory and Vento one-in-the same? Or do they just sell Ventos? Or does Vento even exist anymore??? are they all Yamati now?

I know about the possible differences in componentry, but it does look every bit like the Boss 150, plastic quality etc etc etc.

Yeah it is the Chrome eddition! and has pretty cool grips that are knurled metal, only problem is they aren't fixed to the bar, meaning that they rotate which I find sketchy....I'll probably swap for rubber to feel safer.

and Jesus Said..."What would John Elway do?"

Member since Feb-1-06
6 posts
Mar-13-06, 10:22 PM (EDT)
9. "RE: Got my Yamati Strada 150 today"
In response to message #8

We do not produce Vento bikes. The home office for Vento is out of California with warehouses in Texas. However we are a distributor of Vento Scooters, ATV's and Motorcycles on the East Coast. The Vento 150cc scooter is produced by Jailing Motorcycle.
If you have any questions about our scooters, why not pick up the phone and call us? For that matter anyone on this BBS can call if they have any questions. Here's the toll free number 888-836-8662. I can be reached Monday through Friday 10 to 5 PM EST time.

Do you have any idea how many other manufacturers produce the same looking bike? Would you believe over 100? From little shops building scooters on dirt floors and in the streets, to China's major Mega companies like Qianjiang with 12,000 employees, they all make a 150 model and they all look the same. "BUT" each manufacturers scooter is supposedly spec'd by the Importer (I'm not talking about the box pushers) but those who have real money and time invested in this industry. Hopefully you'll see the difference when they come into your shop for service or maintenance.

We produce and import two levels of build. We have a high end and a low end just like many importers have. Now if you call me I'll explain it all to you.
But if you just want to hypothesize... well then I can't help you.

By the way the grips are not metal they are plastic. If they're spinning, then use some 3M glue on them or call me for a replacement grip.
When and if you call let me know the first (3) digits of the VIN so I can tell you if it's our scooter that you're working on.

and Jesus Said... "Why not pick up the phone"


Power Sports Factory
6940 Central Highway
Pennsauken NJ 08109
Hours Monday-Friday 10-5 PM EST
Tel: 856-488-9333
Fax: 856-488-8077
Watts: 888-836-8662
STRADA Motorcycles and Scooters

Member since Dec-17-05
290 posts
Mar-15-06, 11:13 AM (EDT)
11. "RE: Got my Yamati Strada 150 today"
In response to message #9
   With all-due respect. I BBS before, then after a long day of work in an excruciatingly busy shop. I miss my lunch more often than not, I don't have time to call my mom much less call you.

Besides....you think I'm a dick on the BBS? Try phone or in person where I can't edit and baby powder my replies!

Please note.....I am working on Chinese on a trial basis, I have worked on Boss, Tank, Vento, now Yamati in the last month. I come here to hear from everyone (on my off time, my "scooter time") I want to hear what You, Admin, Brooke, and others have to say....I'm not gunna pick up that many phones!

I've known the guy for whom I'm servicing this Strada for many years...I have Tons of mad-respect for this guy, he is my only concern here.

So far, I have no real complaints, just fact-finding right now. You know... I glanced at the VIN and it didn't strike me as one of yours, but I didn't look that close. From tires to Mirrors, this bike is exactly like the Boss, which excites me becuase our local flea market has Boss and Sunl for under $1000.

I'm not here to start shit (this time), I'm here naked, drinking my coffee, and watching morning news before work... I'll be back on the BBS tonite naked, drinking beer, watching smut....maybe YOU should call ME!

and Jesus Said..."What would John Elway do?"




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