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Subject: "CA laws with regard to 49cc Scooters" Archived thread - Read only
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Member since Jul-23-05
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Jul-23-05, 00:36 AM (EDT)
"CA laws with regard to 49cc Scooters"
   I'm interested in purchasing a new (still in the box) Harley stlye 49cc scooter but I have no clue as to the laws. What kind of license do I need (I've got a class C but have heard I might need a M1). Do I need a license plate/registration/insurance? How much will all this cost (M1 license/plates/insurance)? Any and all good info is appreaciated!



Member since May-20-05
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Jul-23-05, 08:49 AM (EDT)
1. "RE: CA laws with regard to 49cc Scooters"
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   IF it is street legal you need a M1 unless it is also pedal powered and then you need an M2. If it isn't street legal, it can't go on the street and you don't need any liscense.

Curt Fargo

unregistered user
Jul-23-05, 01:21 PM (EDT)
2. "RE: CA laws with regard to 49cc Scooters"
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   Go to here for official CA definitions and license reqirements:


Your 49cc scooter is almost certainly a motor-driven cycle, which requires a full M1 license. It will need full registration/license plate/insurance, but cannot be ridden on the freeway.

In addition to the CHP site referenced above, check out www.dmv.ca.gov.

Member since Jan-9-05
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Jul-23-05, 06:53 PM (EDT)
3. "RE: CA laws with regard to 49cc Scooters"
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   LAST EDITED ON Jul-23-05 AT 06:53 PM (EDT)
I would suggest making sure the scooters legal to ride on the street in CA.

Big Jim...

unregistered user
Jul-23-05, 09:36 PM (EDT)
4. "RE: CA laws with regard to 49cc Scooters"
In response to message #0
   The DMV Motorcycle Handbook also describes the requirements. Here is the link, go ahead and print the hand book.


Most likely the scooter that you are refering there is not legal. Many of the dealers selling those scooters are getting visits from CARB and other agencies. Be carful and be informed. Make sure that the dealer is a DMV registered dealer. If you don't know just ASK THE DEALER.

Thank You and Good Luck.





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