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Subject: "1958 Allstate" Archived thread - Read only
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Jan-25-05, 03:24 PM (EDT)
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"1958 Allstate"
   LAST EDITED ON Jan-25-05 AT 03:25 PM (EDT)
Awhile back I was asking about split headsets for allstates/ The reason being that mine didnt have a speedo. So Ive taken a pic to show Im not crazy (at least at this moment).
The headset was not bondo'd or modified.
Ive also found out it is a 1958 VA9T Sears Allstate, I guess although there is no "Allstate" Badge.

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Jan-25-05, 03:36 PM (EDT)
1. "RE: 1958 Allstate"
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   That is Bad Ass!

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Jan-25-05, 04:54 PM (EDT)
2. "RE: 1958 Allstate"
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   That is cool as all hell.

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Jan-25-05, 07:05 PM (EDT)
3. "RE: 1958 Allstate"
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   Keep it. That is rare.


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Jan-25-05, 09:20 PM (EDT)
4. "RE: 1958 Allstate"
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   Seen that before, think it was from an ACMA Vespa though, not an Italian built bike.
I think Josh StJohn in Marin has one of those headsets buried in his parts, or at least did many years ago.




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