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Supergome Paints

by: Scooter Daddy ( on June 22, 2000 at 10:57:10

The flip-flop paint is called "Illusion". Scootering had a short little blurb about it near the contents page a while back. It sells for $1,200 a quart!!! You read right. PPG makes a copy of the concept for $400 a quart, you can see samples at a PPG store on slick little car models in aluminum. You can take them out in the light to see how you like it. A quart might paint your scoot. Identifying other paints: Most paint stores have books by make, model, year that you can look up a color you saw driving by if you can id the car. Good way to go as you can get more of a stock paint if you crush a cowl. Early Allstate red for example is 1985 Corvette red. I have not confirmed, but a car collector fried told me he used the National Bureau of Standards to identify the color he found behind the wood firewall of his 1913 Buick. NBS had him take a particular light reading a professional photographer got for him, and NBS came back with the closest stock paint for him. Could do the same for a technical restoration, but you have to have a good unmolested paint sample.

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