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This Week's New York Magazine -- Laitmon's been busy.

by: Tom G ( on June 21, 2000 at 09:15:14

This week, New York Magazine has an article on the A to Zs of "Summer Fun", suggesting in its introduction that when the temp goes upwards of 100, it is cool to cruise Jones Beach on a Vespa.

Then, in the "V" section of the article, (p. 106) there is a column and 3 sticks devoted to Vespa, and also a black and white pic of an ET's ass.

The article recites the same old shit about how Vespa is about to make their re-debut in America, but now there are some new dates.

The first ten scoots are due to arrive in July, 2000 and are slated to be gifts for celebs (Jerry, Leonardo, etc).

Starting Aug 15, the rest of America gets the opportunity to "buy" (which I am guessing means nothing more than "order") them online. No hint as to how long delivery will take, of course.

"Next Spring" New Yorkers will see their first Vespa Boutiques. (Uh-huh.) The LA and Miami boutiques open "this summer".

"A Vespa spokesperson" says "We want cabdrivers to get used to seeing these on the street before we actually sell them in New York." Can anyone understand this lunatic comment? Is it just me, or does that make no sense at all? More proof that someone's head is firmly planted up his ass.

Nevertheless, Laitmon did yeoman's work in getting a whole NYMag "letter" devoted to his product - - particularly since there isn't a chance in hell that the product will actually be available to anyone in the foreseeable future. On the otherhand, maybe "V" isn't so easy to find a summer product for - - (Veggies? Vino? Velo?)

BTW, the ET4 is priced at 3,950, not surprisingly. (To Compare with the price of the Velo? The Scarabeo (incidentally, a modern scoot that has much more appeal to me than the Vespa ETs)

That's it.

Tom G.

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