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Re: A story for Mykrrr
by: scott spaeth ( on May 16, 2000 at 05:02:45

in response to Scooter Daddy:

: Scott, Thanks, that explains it. My VB1 has a rectangular taillight. I thought it was a 1958, but they did make a few (54k+) in 1957

I only knew because I bought a '58 VB1 for my sweetie to match my VS4 (awww), but she didn't like it at all (prefers Lambrettas, where did I go wrong?). Anyway, I was all excited about the GS taillight as I figured it would be good for a couple of years of college tuition when the kids got old enough, never figuring that sooner or later someone would repro the amber brake light.

Oh well, so much for Sarah Lawrence, St. Louis Community College is good enough for them.


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