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Re: Scooter Club formation
by: The Tanja-nator on November 03, 1998 at 13:19:10

in response to Manhattan Motorinos:

: Do other scooter clubs have any legal organization, like incorporations, or unicorporated association status? just wondering, bc I am in the process of starting up a SC in NYC

I always thought that where 2 or more people meet on a regular purpose for a reason, defined a club. Spanky's gang didn't have lawyers (or did they?). The only time you want to get legal is if you start throwing events because scooter rallies are a whole different ball game. In California, you can be held liable for everything when you throw an event.

For small clubs like mine, we ban together with the Northern California Scooter Council. Because of all the members with AMA memberships, we are now AMA chartered which gives us access to cheap rally insurance. Well, not to mention we update our clubs with upcoming events, issues and news.

Good luck with your club. Remember, it is all about having fun.

-Tanja Schott
Bloody Knuckles Scooter Club
Santa Cruz, CA

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