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GS Parts For Sale
by: Mark Posselt on September 16, 1998 at 09:30:10

All prices in US$ and do not include postage

GS150 Parts
(All original parts u.o.n.)
N.O.S. = New Original Supply

Fuel tank in vgc c/w filling cap assy & fuel tap (no glass sight bowl) $80
Fuel tap lever $10
VS5 Steering column $50
Toolbox door 16541 (in original paint) $30
Clutch cover 2/23551 $30
Clutch actuating arm 23553 c/w spring 17756 $15
Seat hinge bracket (needs welding to seat frame) $5
VS5 Front brake drum 84155 $40
Front mudguard 84852 (vgc) $80
Front mudguard crest $10
Front shocker $40
Front spring $25
Carburetta UB2353 (good working condition) $140
Tailight casting c/w brackets etc $30
Kickstart lever (professionally polished) c/w rubber $40
Black rubber standfeet (new) $10
Ken Cobbin kickstart rubber (red) N.O.S. $5
Ken Cobbin back brake lever rubber (red) N.O.S. $5
Rear brakeshoe set (New) VS4-5 (Make: Newfren) $20
Front brakeshoe set (New) VS4-5 $20
Flywheel 26437 in vgc $140
Fan 23055 in vgc $50
Ignition switch $50
H.T. Coil 22052 $20
Seat packing rubber 24350 $6
Engine casing set VS5 0072093 $50
Horn working parts (no clamshell cover) $15
Rear shocker top mtg casting $15
Vespa GS legshield badge (original) $20
Engine Cowl 89026 good condition $75
Tool Cowl 26663 slightly dented but restorable (no rust) $60
Tool Cowl Flap 26662 c/w clasp and clip $35
Air Bellows 24152 (new) $20
Engine suspension arm VS4-5 83462 $50
Rear Shock absorber N.O.S. 2/22810 $150
VS5 headset $80
Headlamp chrome bezel (superb) Siem $25
Dip switch 26457 $20
Original VS5 wiring loom $20
Side cowl original grey spec rubber set $15
Fibreglass copy of Cooling hood deflector (cylinder cowl)
Hand made by myself using original to mold from. $80
Photocopied Douglas Vespa GS150 Service Station manual $32
Original backrack/wheel holder for VS5 (vgc no rust) $50

GS160 Parts
(All original parts u.o.n.)

Stator plate c/w coils etc $40
Engine mtg bolt/nut $15
H.T. Coil c/w lead/cap etc $10
Steering arm bearings/locknuts/bearing seats etc $10
Side panel (cowls) clamp assy (2 off) $10
Rear light casing (dented but restorable) $10
stand c/w mtg brackets $30
Stainless drum centre caps (2 off) $10
Headset $50

Lots of other hard to find GS parts left over from my GS restoration so please email your wants and I will reply with total cost of parts posted to your door. (You can try tel/fax Western Australia (08) 94579218 but modem is usually connected)

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