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Re: Re: adding kit to 125cc
by: Chief Wiggum on August 25, 1998 at 15:33:06
in response to Simon:

: As far as I know you can't kit an allstate (as well as most 60's bikes) because they only had two transfer ports and the kits are designed for the modern configurations of three. I don't know what the stroke of the 125's is but I would bet it is the same as the 150 (VBB), so I would consider putting a 150 top end on it and adjusting the carb to match. A sito plus would then complement it nicely though you may have to modify it to fit the cylinder.

: Simon

If a kit can't work on a 125 Allstate, can the cylinder be rebored so it is 150cc? Is there any other ways to boost the power in an Allstate?

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