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Re: Re: no battery p2
by: John on March 11, 1998 at 07:36:13

in response to Tom:

: : hey can some one give me info on running a p2 with out a battery,pref with the least amount of cash out lay and the least amount of wires possible i just got the body and it's good but the wires are a mess and sombody started to "rewire" it so it's that much worse.ack also do i have to have a speedo by law or can i put a tach in there instead?
: : :nate

: It would be cheaper just to get a new wiring harness ($50-80 depending on shop and new/used)
: than go non-battery. Assuming you have a "US"
: engine for the P200, you would have to get a
: different stator plate for the non-battery. I'm
: not sure, but I think you might need a new flywheel to match it. This would run about
: $150-170. Then there is the question of the
: regulator which isn't cheap either ($75-125
: depending on the shop).

: Tom

Not true. I have a US P200 engine in my GL. It runs fine without a battery. It uses the original P200 stator plate, a very simple custom harness, and the original rectifier. This is without turn signals tho. I'll send you a wiring diagram if you like. Total cost: Like $20 for the wiring. Eric at The Scooter Shop told me how to do this; smart guy. He deserves the $12,000 he got from Jerry Seinfeld.

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