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Where'd Kegra Racing go???
by: mike r. on August 05, 1997 at 20:01:04

To all you UK BBS folks:

Did Kegra Racing go out of business?
I never see any Kegra ads in Scootering
anymore. The reason I ask this is
because my sister is going over there
next week for business and she
went there before to get me some
bits and she said she'd go there again
for me. She'll be in Brentwood but
she'll be going to London for a day;
any suggestions for a scooter shoppe
that's easy to find in London???

Also, I would like to find a
Manchester United Football jersey;
where could me sis find one???

Please e-mail me at
before Saturday. Thanks in advance.

mike r.
Jedi Knights SC

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