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Cool, thanks for the answers!

Posted by BrianC from ( on Wednesday, May 15, 2002 at 11:23AM :

In Reply to: Re: vbb stator in a smallframe engine? posted by e from ( on Wednesday, May 15, 2002 at 11:15AM :

: Any non smallframe stator is going to need the baseplate turned down on a lathe to fit. Don't even screw around w/ the VBB stator, just a waste of time... find a line on a cheap smallframe or P stator.

: : I hear you on the 12V/elec. ignition. But lets say I had a line on a cheap VBB stator - would it work? Would it need to be ground down to fit? I really just want to know my options.

: :
: : Thx,
: : Brian

: : : Don't bother w/ the old 6volt points stuff.
: : : You can take any P200/P125 stator and run it w/ that 100sport flywheel if you turn the base plate down, or you can throw any 100sport/et3/pk stator in there as is. The 100sport flywheel should have both the trigger for electronic ignition and a points cam so you can run either, go electronic if you can.

: : :
: : : : Can a vbb stator be ground down to fit in a primavera engine? Will it fit? Will it work with the flywheel/crank?

: : : : if not what are my options for stator replacement.. i have both a 100 sport and a primi flywheel to use..

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