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It's me again...

Posted by Riba from ( on Sunday, September 30, 2001 at 2:37PM :

Ok, just removed the head from my engine. There is nothing wrong with it, it should be the long reach spark plug in it, but I've been thinking about why it starts better with short reach one, and I need some advice.
The thing is, the engine would start right away with a dry spark plug, but after a while it would get soaked in gas and would not run anymore. When i removed the head I saw that it is soaked in oily gas. I suspect that the short reach plug was less prone to fail beacuse of the too much gas, and that is the only reason it worked better.
Conclusion - I should probably make the mixture leaner and I believe everything will work fine. I will let you know tommorow. The rear screw on the carb is already 2.5 turns out, but I suppose it should open it even more. Any other ideas?

Wow, this message is a mess...

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